Monday, February 13, 2012

Is tea or coffee good for the health or not?

Nowadays tea and coffee really is a crucial portion of our diet regime. It might be said that about each individual particular person can take it day-to-day. But, a millionaire issue is the fact we must always just take it or not. Caffeine and tannin are current in tea, coffee and so on, which give freshness us for the quick time frame, but inside the long term it's a poison for our entire body.

Caffeine is present in enough amounts in tea and coffee both. Coffee has 3 times more caffeine than tea has. Amount of 40 mg caffeine is present in 150 ml tea or 115 mg coffee.
Tea and coffee has fair amount of caffeine. Tea has 3 times less caffeine than coffee.300ml tea and 230 ml coffee has 80 mg caffeine.

Here are the some good things about tea: -

  • just start our mind and give feeling to our mind that it works well.

  • It gives a energy.

  • Sometimes tea or coffee work when there is a minor headache.

  • If you are suffering for asthma it gives you relief for sometime.

  • Tea includes tannin which kills viruses.

  • It just killed bad smell of our mouth.

  • Sometime it just help us to get rid of cancer, and sometimes heart disease also.

  • If you continue tea or coffee for long time here are some disadvantages: -
  • It lessens power of physique. Initially caffeine will increase inside electrical power of system and intellect, but right after a while it produces tiredness and exhaustion.

  • Caffeine boosts cholesterol. Right after getting four cup coffee cholesterol boosts by 5%

  • Caffeine produces a layer on internal surface if intestine. It disturbs digestion. 1, who can take a lot more tea and occasional, suffers from constipation and piles.

  • Caffeine is harmful for vitamin B. So it weakens body.

  • Vitamin B is in danger because of caffeine, so it just takes strength of our body.

  • Blood pressure is being increase by tea or coffee.

  • Caffeine raises our acidity.

  • It creates headache and frustration in long term.

  • Kidneys and liver are affected by it poorly.

  • It raises blood sugar.


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